Local McDonald’s employee celebrates 30th anniversary with fast-food giant

Tammy Clasby has been working at Crescent Hill location on Brownsboro Road since she was 18

Positively WAVE: McDonald's 30th anniversary surprise

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A dedicated McDonald’s employee on Friday was recognized for hitting a milestone some bosses can only dream of. Most food service employees work at a job for fewer than two years.

Dream employees are hard to come by, but Tammy Clasby has been exactly that to customers at the Crescent Hill McDonald’s for three decades.

“I was thinking, OK I just go to high school and maybe go to college,” Clasby said. “Well, that didn’t happen. I was always that shy, timid girl, and I thought this isn’t going to work for me.”

Clasby started working at the McDonald’s on Brownsboro Road when she was 16. After her first decade there, she realized the job did work for her.

Stephanie Young hired Clasby in 1988. Young said she held on to priceless pins for 30 years. However, she thought Clasby was worthy of them on her 30th anniversary.

“She is part of my family,” Young said. “I just passed down some things to her that I think should go to family.”

Clasby said working with her McDonald’s family has defined her.

“It brought me out of my shell,” she said. “(I can’t) see my life any different than what it is right now.”

Clasby said she’s seen a lot of change while working at her first and only job. However, customers can always count on her greeting them when they pull up to the window of the Golden Arches.

“I hope I’m still here in 30 years,” Clasby said.

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