SnowTALK! Friday Edition

SnowTALK! Friday Edition

There will be 2 blog updates today FYI. This one for “SnowTALK” and another one for the Alert Day setup on Saturday. Look for it on as well as on the WAVE 3 Weather App.


Tuesday: Light rain to snow showers/flurries

Wednesday: Snow showers

12/7 Rain or Snow

12/8-9 Rain or Snow (One to Watch)


The pattern turns colder next week after our weekend warm spell.

There will be 2 minor pieces of energy that will swing on Tuesday and another on Wednesday.

Tuesday: Fast moving wave. It will struggle with moisture but it looks to have enough for some very light rain to start. As we turn colder, a changeover to snow showers or flurries is still on the table. This looks quite minor.

Wednesday: Another wave passes in. This one will have more energy but also will be limited on moisture. Having said that, we will be colder. This one looks to be snow showers and based on timing and track, some light amounts will be possible.

Next Friday/Weekend: This setup is far from being set in stone. We will be coming out of a cold high pressure at the end of the week. At the same time, energy will eject from the far SW corner of the country and NW Mexico. How many pieces and timing is still in question. There is a risk for a quick shot of rain or snow (may start as a mix ) on Friday. The main wave is still showing up over that weekend, however. Just about every model has it but they differ on the intensity and the amount of “cut” the low will take as it moves east. Current indications support a low track across MS into AL and N GA. If that holds, that is a good track for a winter storm in the Ohio Valley. If it tracks north of that line, we will run into precip type issues and even a risk of it mostly being rain. In other words, it remains a “system to watch” but it is too early to stay what impacts it will have on our weather. Stay close for more updates!


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