New MyTARC fare cards available now

Passengers can pick up their card, and exchange current paper tickets and passes for equal electronic value on the new MyTARC cards

New MyTARC fare cards available now
The new MyTARC fare cards are available now.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - – In preparation for the launch of the “Tap and Go” MyTARC fare card system beginning the first full week of January 2019, TARC started distributing new electronic cards on Monday.

The MyTARC electronic fareboxes will be on all TARC buses beginning January 7. This new system will allow customers to pay fare with a simple “tap” of their card, replacing the 20-year-old farebox that only accepted cash and paper tickets.

“At TARC we are always looking for ways to make transit easier, safer and quicker for our riders,” TARC executive director, J. Barry Barker said. “This new system gives customers a simple, easy-to-use card, free transfers and savings for every ride they take.”

Customers with current paper tickets and paper passes can trade those in for equal electronic value on their new MyTARC card at Union Station. During a special 30 day introductory period, customers who load an initial fare of at least $5.00 will receive the card for free.

Fares will not increase. Cash payment, exact fare only, will remain an option. Adult one-way fare using the MyTARC card will be $1.50 – just as it is today when buying tickets in advance - compared to $1.75 with cash. Passengers with a MyTARC card will receive a free transfer good for two hours from initial boarding. TARC will no longer offer paper transfers.

With MyTARC, passengers can purchase MyTARC cards online, at the Nia Center and Union Station. Customers will also be able to reload value on board each bus.

The official launch and beginning date MyTARC cards will be capable of paying fare on board will not be until January 7, 2019. Be sure to prepare, and keep the necessary amount of current paper tickets to get you through to the launch date.

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