SnowTALK! Monday Edition

SnowTALK! Monday Edition

Back to winter this week into the weekend. The main question is about the weekend system, but we will have some minor ones passing through this week we still need to watch for slick spots.


Today-Wednesday Passing light rain/snow showers. Morning slick spots but very little if anything on the snow accumulation side.

Thursday Rain to a burst of snow by evening. Under an inch possible.

Friday: Very light rain or snow.

WEEKEND: Southern system. How far north does it track?


As you read above, we do have some minor amounts of moisture passing through almost daily that could get the roads wet enough for an isolated slick spot in the mornings.

Thursday: This one was more energy with it. It does appear to start as rain then go to snow by evening. It will be a fairly quick shutoff of the snow but under an inch possible...especially north. This could coat the ground enough for some slick spots. We will drop into the 20s so there could even be an issue with slick spots even from the earlier liquid portion.

Weekend: This is a southern tracker with a blocking high pressure to the north. The questions will be:

How far north does it track?

When does it track through?

Will the system “transfer” to a new low pressure off the east coast?

All of those questions need to be answered before we can get an idea of the amount/type of wintry weather and timing. It is over the Pacific Ocean now so it will take until Wednesday or Thursday before those pieces of missing data come in. No need to alter your plans, just be aware of this potential this weekend and we will keep you posted.

On the TWIX INDEX, I am going to give it a 4/10 for now.


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