SnowTALK! Tuesday Edition

SnowTALK! Tuesday Edition

Light snow event for some over the next 12-20 hours, then the focus will be mainly on the weekend setup.


Next 20 hours: Pockets/bands of light snow. Light amounts with slick spots.

Thursday: Rain to brief snow. Looking quite minor.

Saturday-Tuesday: Southern system that may get ...prolonged.


Nice piece of energy moving in from the west with bands of snow showers. These will max out over us during the darkness of night. This will help in the accumulation process as well and the development of slick spots. Most amounts look to be under an inch, but there will be bands of enhancement that can certainly “overachieve”. As of now, those look to line up just south of Louisville and east/northeast. We will trend it carefully.

The Thursday wave is coming in with less moisture. Likely rain to some brief snow but the air does dry out pretty quick.

Weekend System: Still on track to be a southern tracker. The upper low feature will be the one to watch to see how far north it can trend and how long is stays on the map. There is still the potential for snow and ice with this. Kentucky still stands the higher risk for impacts than Indiana at this time. Expect more changes in the forecast ahead as the details on this one are still waffling. Temperatures will be marginal as well so rates will be important to the precipitation types and amounts. That type of data takes time to be patient :)

The video coves it all :)


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