Event venue space in Clark County could become drug detox center

Family wants to convert event venue to drug rehab center; neighbors not convinced

HENRYVILLE, IN (WAVE) - A final sale looms over Wooded Glen, located near Henryville. Nearby residents are concerned by the changes the new business could bring.

The current owners said they wouldn’t see much of a difference.

In a meeting closed to the media on Tuesday, Summit BHC took questions from the public. There was a substantial turn out from both those for and against the project.

Summit BHC is proposing a voluntary detoxification treatment center. Scott Schwieger, General Counsel and Chief Compliance officer for Summit BHC, said the company plans keep the exterior buildings as is.

It wouldn’t be a methadone clinic, but a 100-bed inpatient treatment center licensed by the state for those with insurance.

It’s too much action for some who live nearby.

“We wanted to be out in an area like this away from the city, away from all the hustle,” Robert Williams said. “Now you are talking about something on this large of a scale coming out here to our back door.”

The family who has operated Wooded Glen for 16 years said they are looking for a new way to help. The Garmon family believes in the mission of Summit BHC.

“This past weekend we had over 300 people here doing Christmas parties, so as far as the traffic goes I don't think that people will see much of a difference in the traffic,” Marissa Buess said.

The deal is in the early stages and a final decision wouldn’t be made until 2019.

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