SnowTALK! Wednesday Edition

SnowTALK! Wednesday Edition

Nice thumping of snow this morning as a couple of those snow bands did indeed overachieve. Some 1-4″ totals across a narrow section of central Kentucky.

Officially for Louisville: TRACE


Thursday PM: Quick rain to brief snow. Minor.

Saturday night-Monday: System to watch. Potential winter storm.

12/17: Rain to brief snow


Thursday: This will be different than this morning. It will be a fading wave of energy that will have some warm air ahead of it. This looks to be rain to brief snow before dry air moves in and shuts things off. This also looks to all fall before midnight so as we get cold tomorrow night, road crews can take care of slick spots. We will monitor that for Friday AM.

Weekend: This system is slowly, but surely, moving on shore across the west coast. We continue to identify the players on the field when it comes to the overall setup for this event. One thing continues to stand out, slight variations of those players on the models leads to different outcomes. This is normal of course.

Some notes on the trends:

Timing: Looks a bit slower. Main impacts Saturday night into early Monday for now.

Types: Varying types as we stand a good chance to see snow, sleet, freezing rain and yes...nothing...fall within WAVE Country. Easy forecast, right?

Amounts: The amount of moisture still looks significant enough that anything that can stay frozen would push us into a winter storm setup for SOME of WAVE Country.

Placement: Still varying with KY taking the brunt of the location on the data. Having said that, don’t let your guard down southern Indiana.

The video will (hopefully) explain this better.


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