Kentucky lawmaker wants to stop ‘robocallers’ from using phony numbers

KY representative wants state law to target 'robocallers'

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Unwanted robocalls are the top complaints the FCC gets.

One Kentucky lawmaker wants to make some of the ways telemarketers reach out to consumers illegal in the state.

Rep. Kevin Bratcher (R-Louisville) pre-filed a bill that bans telemarketers from using phony numbers. It would force them to use their original number to make calls.

The bill would also make it illegal to use pre-recorded messages for solicitation. That does not mean emergency messages from schools and other official agencies, or anything you have consented to receive.

“If we ever do catch one of these rascals they’re going to pay dearly,” Bratcher said.

The bill would establish a $500 fine for first-time violations and a $3,000 fine for subsequent violations.

“You’ll never stop a scammer from trying to scam, but there are some legitimate businesses that are doing this,” Bratcher said.

He said although most of the calls come from out of the country, a lot come from local organizations or at least a company here in the states.

“Whether you’re local, or countrywide, or worldwide, you’re going to be breaking Kentucky law if this passes,” Bratcher said.

Bratcher isn’t the only one trying to combat the nationwide nuisance.

Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill announced Wednesday that he is among the 40 AGs collaborating with major telecom carriers and the FCC to figure out a way to track these companies and cut down on the calls.

In the meantime, if you don’t recognize the number, let it go to voicemail first.

Report any unwanted calls to your attorney general’s office and the FCC.

Also, there are tons of apps you can download that filter and block calls. Some companies like Verizon and AT&T have their own.

The bill will come up in the next session that begins January 8, 2019

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