First of its kind, Light Up Shawnee invites family out for Christmas fun

Shawnee community members create holiday light up event

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The event took months of planning and a group of dedicated community members. Now, a block off Market Street and Amy Avenue will light up Saturday night for all to enjoy.

The family spearheading Light Up Shawnee has owned French Plaza for decades. Tony and Ruth French said they’ve seen ups and downs in Shawnee and now they are happy to see tinsel and garland.

“This has been a neglected community and we want them to see this is a good community with good people who want to see good things happen here,” Ruth French said.

The French couple has a strong team of local churches, businesses and the neighborhood association helping them.

“We have great things in store for Shawnee and so now it is shine on Shawnee,” Loueva Moss said.

Moss, with the neighborhood association, said she is excited to invite hundreds of people for Christmas activities, food, and music.

“We are proud of Shawnee but we need the people to be empowered and become invested in Shawnee and to exemplify this pride and carry it on,” Moss said.

Moss said Light Up Shawnee is a step towards community building. She acknowledges the crime that occurs nearby. Just this week, a person was killed in a shooting in the adjacent Russell neighborhood.

“We can transform and change all of that, with this kind of activity, and the people being more engaged,” Moss said.

The French family said they hope Light Up Shawnee illuminates passion in the community.

“Anything that brings light and activity back here -- it’s encouraging,” French said.

Light Up Shawnee will be on Saturday, Dec. 8 from 4 to 7 p.m. at French Plaza.

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