SnowTALK! Friday Edition

SnowTALK! Friday Edition

Weekend system continues to trend drier on its northern side which reduces our winter storm threat for our southern counties.

There is still a risk for some wintry weather Saturday night-Sunday, but significant amounts look unlikely as it stands now.

What could change? The amount of dry air is the reason for the adjustments in the forecast. If the reality of the situation is that the air is not as dry as expected, more precipitation could reach the ground. This risk still looks to be south of the BG/WK Parkways. Clouds will rule north of this system with some sunshine in Indiana. Some for many of you, it won’t be a bad weekend.

Just stay close to the forecast over the next few days we constantly evaluate the situation and forecast.


This weekend: See above

Next Friday: Dynamic low. Rain to snow.


Skipping ahead to next week, we do warm up into the 50s. A strong signal for a strong low pressure in the Midwest/Ohio Valley is still there. It looks likely to get cutoff form the main flow which means timing/location will vary over the next several days. Timing is favoring next Thursday and Friday at this time. Dynamics will play a huge part of this system as it will need that to “create its own” cold air underneath it. This looks to be a classic wet snow event where that cold air can get pulled down. I can’t stress enough, a weaker low means this will just be rain and that’s it. But with such a strong signal right now of strength, it needs to make it onto the charts and tracked.

We shall see .

Talk soon :)


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