AT&T shifts ‘It Can Wait’ campaign to include e-scooters

AT&T shifts ‘It Can Wait’ campaign to include e-scooters

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - AT&T introduced its “It Can Wait” campaign nearly a decade ago. It’s brought awareness to texting and driving, and the dangers thereof.

The campaign has turned out virtual reality experiences in High Schools and malls across America, Drive Mode (a free app that can silence incoming alerts and phone calls and automatically replies to text messages that you are driving), millions of pledges, celebrity endorsements, ground-breaking PSAs and more.

Now, the “It Can Wait” campaign has added another mode of transportation - E-scooters and bikes, the latest trend in transportation innovation, affordable and environmentally friendly.

On Wednesday, AT&T announced a partnership with Bird, called Distracted Driving on Two Wheels: A New Reality. The “new reality” refers to the expanding of its anti-distracted driving message beyond the car to the handlebars.

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