Mother, attorney of beaten LMDC inmate demand changes

Mother of inmate beaten in Louisville jail calls for charges, changes

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The mother and attorney of an LMDC inmate who was punched by an officer are demanding changes at the Louisville Metro Jail.

In April, Terry Whitehead, 19, was handcuffed in a holding room when he was punched in the face by LMDC officer David Schwartz.

The incident was recorded by the body camera worn by corrections officer Devan Edwards.

Both men lost their jobs.

EXCLUSIVE: Body camera footage shows handcuffed LMDC inmate beaten

Seven months later, Schwartz and Evans are not charged with any crime.

“When you have video that shows conduct like this that’s so egregious, there’s just no excuse for this type of delay,” Whitehead’s attorney, Sam Aguiar, said. “It’s why we’re incredibly thankful that the video surfaced, that the response has been uniform, unanimous -- charges need to be facilitated ASAP.”

The body camera video was obtained exclusively by WAVE 3 News in early December and has since attracted national attention.

On Tuesday, Aguiar criticized the delay in releasing the video to the public. He questions why city and state officials have not pursued any charges against the two officers.

Aguiar also called on LMDC to install cameras in all holding cells and provide better testing, screening and training for all officers at the jail.


Janelle Starks, Whitehead’s mother, holds LMDC administration responsible.

“On that day, they worked for you. On that day, they clocked in. They wore a uniform when they almost killed my son,” Starks said.

Spokesman Steve Durham released a brief statement defending LMDC:

“When the incident came to light we immediately fired the individuals involved and asked for a criminal investigation. Former Officer Schwartz and Edwards did not expose a system weakness.  They exposed their own failure.”

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