Bullitt Co. men live like homeless to raise awareness

Men in Bullitt County live like the homeless to raise awareness

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Looking at the puddles that have taken over Shepherdsville Park, it’s clear rain has fallen.

Beads of water dot the tops of tents, as if each drop from the sky has held its shape upon impact.

A cold breeze off the salt river, though, is just part of what makes this beautiful scene dangerous for some.

"Cold and wet is not a combination that's really fitted and suited for human beings,” Joe Bohannon, who is sleeping outside for 12 days to raise awareness for the homeless in Bullitt County, said.

He estimates it's the harsh reality 35 to 50 homeless people in Bullitt County are facing every night.

"It's a staggering number,” Bohannan said. “It's just really hard to take in."

A staggering number that's ticked up by two lately.

Although warm, serving pancakes for charity Saturday morning, Bohannon and his friend Tom are spending 12 nights out in the cold to raise awareness for those without a home.

"We're trying to be a small part, of a big solution to a big problem,” Bohannan said.

They're not the only ones involved- five groups that help the homeless locally, including Bullitt County Housing First, which Bohannan is a part of, will benefit from competitive can drives taking place across the county.

You can find out how to donate at the Homeless Joe and Friends 12 Days of Christmas Facebook page.

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