TSA offers tips for holiday travels

Even more people are traveling during the 2018 holiday season

Even more people are traveling during the 2018 holiday season

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - AAA predicts millions of people will be on the roads and in sky in the coming weeks for holiday traveling, both on the roads and in the sky.

“Of the 112 million people who will be traveling this holiday season, 102 million of them will be traveling by car, 6.7 million by air,” AAA spokesperson Lynda Lambert said. “People have more money gas is cheaper they are going to travel.”

If someone is traveling by air and need help because of a disability, medical condition, or other special circumstance, the Transportation Security Administration wants to spread the word on a program that can make the security screening process less stressful. It’s called the TSA Cares Program.

“When we have information about passengers before they go into screening, we can try to tailor screening for them when they are going through so it makes it quicker and easier for them and it helps us plan and resource,” TSA spokesperson Mark Howell said. “We only get a one or two requests for this program a week here in Louisville but, there are hundreds of passengers that are eligible to use it.”

For more information on the TSA Cares Program click here.

There are also special screenings for people who may need to take liquids over the limit - such as liquid medication or breast milk. Another tip to get through the check points faster, don’t wrap holiday gifts yet.

“Make sure you don't wrap your gifts,” Howell said. “Reason we ask that is if we have an item that alarms that is wrapped, we are going to have to unwrap it to take a look at it. We recommend waiting till your destination to wrap gifts or using a gift bag so we can easily open and look at the item.”

Because no one wants to be that person who is running frantically through the airport, TSA also advises travelers arrive with plenty of time before the flight takes off.

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