How to lose five pounds this week so you can gain it all back on Christmas

How to lose five pounds this week so you can gain it all back on Christmas
You stay away from holiday sweets all the time. And you shouldn’t have to. Try a little bit, don’t overdo it, and then move on. (Source: John P. Wise)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Now that I have your attention, you can lose five pounds by Christmas.

But why would you? The holidays are all about temptation, food-wise. Every single day, there are treats of some sort in the newsroom here at WAVE 3 News. Just today, we had luscious Ritz crackers with peanut butter dipped in chocolate, and popcorn with white chocolate and peppermint. And I tried both.

The point is, you stay away from it all the time. And you shouldn’t have to. Try a little bit, don’t overdo it, and then move on.

Eat a vegetable. Drink some water. Take a walk. But go ahead and have that treat.

Listen, I know a lot about treats. Two years ago, I was miserable. I was at my highest weight ever. Couldn’t find clothes to fit me, couldn’t sleep. couldn’t move well.

I finally decided I’d had enough. So, three weeks before Christmas 2016, I attended my first Weight Watchers meeting. That first week, I lost eight pounds. Wow, this is going to be a breeze, I thought. (Well, I was young and dumb. OK, I was 46. Shut up.)

While that first week was a huge boost for my mood, sadly, the losses were much smaller after that. And sometimes they were not losses at all. And sometimes they were gains so big that my meeting leader had to talk me off the ledge. But through persistence and patience, I lost 67 pounds over the next two years. I still have 13 pounds to go before I hit my goal. Eventually, I’ll get there.

I may not have any big losses for the rest of this month. But I plan to maintain and get right back on track in January. I’ll be right there with everybody else, fighting for the last treadmill at the YMCA, waiting for all the New Year’s resolution-ers to just get out of the way.

There are a few things you can do to enjoy the holiday parties without going overboard. I like to eat something before I go to a party. I also like to be a total control freak and bring something to a gathering, something that I know I can enjoy the way a "Walking Dead" walker tears into the newest cast member.

My go-to recipe is a quick and easy butternut squash soup. Oh, here she goes, throwing out recipes. Now wait. Just hear me out. You take a butternut squash, peel it, cube it and throw it in a pot. Or if you’re super lazy like me, go to Trader Joe’s and buy a bag of it already done by other people who are not super lazy. Then you chop an onion. And then you chop an apple. Boom, in the pot. Then take a big box of vegetable broth and pour it in. Simmer until everything is cooked and squishy. Then mix it all up. If you have an immersion blender, make that bad boy do all the work. Then put on your party clothes and waltz into that party with your delicious soup, which by the way, is zero points, in my WW world. And you look like Martha Stewart and everybody is jealous of you. Win/win.

I also like fruit and/or veggie trays as my party take-along.

Watch the alcohol, because you know if you drink too much you’ll end up calling the Domino’s guy when you get home. Or so I’ve heard.

So to sum it up, enjoy your holidays with your family. Give those beautiful gifts. Go ahead and have that treat, and I’ll fight you for a treadmill in about three weeks.

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