SnowTALK! Tuesday Edition

SnowTALK! Tuesday Edition

The United States will not have much arctic air at all to work with for the rest of the year for any big snow/winter storms. However, there will be at least some supply from Canada (Thanks Canada!) to allow for some rain/snow mixes or even changeovers. When it comes to Christmas, it will all be about timing and right looks in favor of a Green Christmas.


Friday Rain to snow potential

12/24-25 Brief rain to snow chance

12/29-1/1 Rain to snow potential (big system)


Our next event arrives as two low pressures. The main one being rain system for Thursday into Friday. The second one is your cold air supplier but limited cold air. Not to mention, limited moisture as well. Having said that, it will be our only shot at some wet snow flying Friday. If this feature moves in Friday daytime, a mix at best with many stay rain. If it can arrive either pre-dawn Friday or Friday night, the darkness of night may help cool things down enough for some wet snow. Any amounts would be grassy. It would likely become a memory shortly after falling so this would not be a our “White Christmas" snow. But hey, it is something to track at least. Those far east and far west of I-65 would have the better timing as it looks now.

12/24-25 This one is still in the Pacific Ocean. The data is will wobbling on how fast this will zip across the country and how much it can “dig” as it passes by. That “dig” is important as it would slow it down enough for a quick rain to snow potential. I mean, comon...all we need is 1″ of snow Christmas morning!! :) As of now, most trends are going with a fast idea which actually keeps it north of us and we stay dry. As always, I will be watching it :)

End of the year, we have another deep southern low that will likely have rain/warmth ahead of it. Chance at snow behind it.

Until we get the Polar Vortex to shift near the North Pole, not much will change in our pattern. Luckily, we are still seeing signs of that shifting up north. It can take up to 10 days to see the models catch up to that. This would put us more into January for anything drastic changes.

Until then, most of the systems passing through will be rain. You can get snow from them but that type of an event rarely shows up more than hours ahead of it happening. Let us do the worrying for you in monitoring that :)

Hang in there my BOTS' friends!!

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