SnowTALK! Wednesday Edition

SnowTALK! Wednesday Edition

Enjoy our nice weather this afternoon, changes are coming.


Friday Rain to wet snow setup.

Late Sunday/early Monday Possible light rain, Some mix possible.

Tuesday Morning (Christmas) Possible snow early changing to rain.

1/1 Rain to snow setup


Our rain system still looks to have a chance to mix with wet snow or even change to a burst of wet snow at times on Friday. The data is trending a bit faster with the colder air moving in. That is important as moisture will be moving away as the day wears on. But before you get too excited, the ground will be mild/wet with air temperatures likely in the 34-37 degree range. Not ideal for accumulations but there could be pockets that see a quick grassy amount that would melt away fairly quick after it stopped. Wet roads for travel. A “festive” snow if you will. The arrival of colder air is key on this as any delay would just mean a chilly rain which is just miserable. It is also worth noting the wind gusts will be up there (near 30 mph) so wind chills in the 20s are expected by the afternoon.

There are then 2 quick-hitting waves of energy that want to pass through Sunday into Christmas. Or will there just be one? That is what the modeling is struggling with as those waves on are not on the map yet. We can see the parent low they spin off from but that is about it. So the ever-fluctuating Christmas forecast will likely continue. If they remain split (2 waves)...

...the first one would arrive Sunday night. Likely as light rain with a mix possible north.

...second one would arrive Christmas morning. How fitting?!? It may be cold enough to start as snow but then warm to rain.

Again, some of the data shows one and some of the data shows a more wintry look. I urge caution on this forecast as it will keep flipping until we get these features on the map in the NW part of the country. We are a couple days from that happening.

It does appear that at least a brief period of precipitation will be possible near the holiday. That is the best we can say at this point. We shall see. :)

I think even snow-lovers would be happy with flurries at this point.

Looking ahead, it turns warm/windy and rainy again to close out 2018. This is all laying the groundwork for what looks to be a significant change to our weather. More on that later...


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