Cards ink four as early signing period kicks off

Cards ink four as early signing period kicks off
UofL head football coach Scott Satterfield

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - LOUISVILLE, Ky. - Just 15 days into his tenure as the UofL head football coach, Scott Satterfield and his staff signed four players on Wednesday as the early signing period kicked off.

Aidan Robbins of Manual High School was the only local signee. He is joined by Dorian Jones, a 6′0″ linebacker from Plantation, Florida, Zach Williamson, a 6′6″, 300 pound offensive lineman from Huntington, West Virginia and Evan Conley, a 6′2″ quarterback from Marietta, Georgia.

“We could have signed 10 or 12 right now, very easily, but I don’t want to do that. I want to get the right ones,” Satterfield said. “I want to get the guys that we feel like can compete for championships and come in here and help us win, so that’ll help our culture, I mean that’s the bottom line, We don’t want to sign them just to sign them, that was the biggest challenge, just that short period of time.”

Satterfield also addressed the backlash his program has taken after pulling offers from a few players who had been committed to the previous staff.

“So when you hire a new staff, you’re gonna do things differently, you’re gonna have a different offense, a different defense, like schematically, our defense is totally different, and you know, so, which is gonna be a good thing, so we’ve got to find the guys that fit that scheme,” he said. “No matter what it is, offense, defense or kicking game, and you’re doing a disservice to those players, if you bring them in here that don’t fit the scheme. So for us, I would rather take a little bit of a hit initially on that and not hurt that player, go somewhere that you fit their scheme a little bit better, and you’re gonna be able to play earlier. It’s very unfortunate, I mean I hate it. I hate for the guys, that they had their heart set and all that for however long they were committed, but we got to do what’s right for our team moving forward and hopefully those guys will find a place to go. We did it earlier enough, it’s not like we did it yesterday, we were trying to give them an opportunity to have all the way through February to find somewhere to go,” Satterfield said.

He hopes to add around 10 players to the class in the February signing period.

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