Rooster eluding capture for months brought to NAFC animal shelter, adopted

Internet helps track down loose rooster

NEW ALBANY, IN (WAVE) - You’ve heard the old joke, how did the chicken cross the road? But in New Albany it hasn’t been a joke.

There’s been a rooster on the loose, and the question has been how to catch him.

For the past four months, Slick the rooster has been living up to his name. No one’s been able to catch him until now.

“He was very hard to catch,” Carrie Moser, senior animal control officer at the New Albany Floyd County Animal Shelter, said. “We were very happy when we finally caught him.”

Neighbors and animal control in New Albany had been trying to track down Slick since September. For a rooster -- he’s pretty quick.

”People talked to us, saying they had groups of people running around the neighborhood with blankets, jumping over fences trying to catch him," Moser said. “He’s just a wily little chicken.”

With a little food incentive and help from a family that had been putting food out for the rooster, they finally caught Slick and put him up for adoption online.

Up in Memphis, Indiana, Mona Willis saw the Facebook post about Slick when her friends tagged her in the photo posted. She called the NAFC animal shelter and right away, said she knew it would be a perfect match.

“We were actually looking for one, so it was like fate!” Willis said.

Mona Willis is excited to add a rooster to her family.
Mona Willis is excited to add a rooster to her family. (Source: WAVE 3 News)

Her old rooster had been picked up by a hawk. They’ve been missing that familiar presence in the morning, so Slick’s timing was perfect.

"It's been very lonely not hearing a rooster crow in the morning, so we're hoping to add that crow back to our life," Willis said.

Roosters can often be hard to place. They aren’t allowed in most city limits. But that won’t be a problem any more.

“We’ve got the coop ready for him, we’ve got some cracked corn waiting, he’ll be happy," Willis said. "And four hens for him, so he’ll be a ladies man when he gets home.”

Ready to meet his new home and family, the shelter said they can answer that age-old question because there’s no longer any reason for this smart chicken to cross a road again.

"He's a very street-wise chicken, so I hope wherever he goes, they have lots of acres and lots of room for him and he's very happy there," Moser said.

Looking to adopt a pet?

The adoption fees on dogs and cats are waived at the NAFC Animal Shelter through Saturday, Dec. 22. For more information, visit their website.

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