Scott Reynolds says goodbye to WAVE 3 News viewers

A look at the WAVE 3 News career of anchor Scott Reynolds

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - After 22 years as the main anchor at WAVE 3 News, Scott Reynolds is stepping away from the anchor desk.

It was the summer of 1996 when Scott joined WAVE 3 News, moving to Louisville from Minneapolis.

“I just know I looked a lot younger,” Scott said with a laugh. “And I was really excited to try to learn everything.”

Scott said he never planned on staying in Louisville for so long. But then life happened.

“I thought maybe four or five years at WAVE and then on to some bigger city,” Scott recalled. "But we started having children here. Four of my five kids were born here and we fell in love with the city. They treated me great here and it was -- why chase the wind?”

He has one daughter, 26-year-old Haley, and four sons, 21-year-old Connor, 18-year-old Tyler, and 14-year-old twins, Logan and Matthew.

Over the years, Scott’s covered 22 Kentucky Derbys.

“The horses are always beautiful, the stories are always great," Scott said. "The extreme heat and the heavy rain, I remember that more than anything.”

He recalled one very hot year when his co-anchor Jackie Hayes stood up and he said the back of her dress looked like someone had just sprayed her with a giant water hose.

He brought viewers up close to historic moments, such as the 2002 Olympics from Salt Lake City.

One of his more memorable moments was covering the Bush v Gore decision by the United States Supreme Court.

"We were there in Washington, right across the street from the US Supreme court and the assistant news director ran the decision to me about seven minutes before the 11 o’ clock newscast,” Scott said.

He’s covered several Final Fours, state football championships and natural disasters.

He’s also said "Good evening, I’m Scott Reynolds” about 20,000 times on WAVE 3 News.

The story that has stuck with him the most is one that he did on a baby born prematurely. She was so small that a wedding ring could fit onto her leg. He said he was reminded how fragile life is and how fortunate he has been as a father to have healthy children.

Scott’s also shared the anchor desk with a few co-anchors over the years, including Jackie Hayes, Dawne Gee, and yours truly.

“WAVE’s been on the air 70 years. And I’ve been here nearly a third of that as the main anchor,” Scott said. "That just struck me as wow. I’ve been blessed.”

Scott is looking forward to the Christmas season and enjoying time with his family. He already has several trips planned for January.

After 22 years of working Monday through Friday nights, he is going to finally have a chance to pick up his children from school and have relaxing dinners with them.

“I’m a glass half-full person, and I always like to keep a positive attitude and count my blessings,” Scott said. “I can’t wait to see what the future brings and whatever it is will be good.”

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