SnowTALK! Friday Edition

SnowTALK! Friday Edition

Winter is just hours away! Officially...

While there isn’t much excitement on the snow side of things through the holiday, there will be a couple things to watch. The pattern really amps up toward the end of 2018 that will lead to what looks to be the core of winter developing. More on that with the Winter Forecast Update....coming out today on the blog/WAVE 3 Weather App.


This evening: Drizzle to flurries. No issues.

Sunday: Risk for a mix early otherwise very light rain

12/30-31: Risk for freezing rain/snow. Setup to watch.


This evening...colder air is rushing in to our northwest. You will really feel it in a few hours with gusts over 30 mph and wind chills diving into the 20s! The amount of moisture in the air will be fading each hour but there looks to at least be *some* around for a changeover to snowflakes by evening. No issues with this.

Saturday will be a battle to get a clearing sky but I do think some sunshine will take place for a few hours. Chilly day.

Sunday will feature a developing wave near eastern KY. How quickly and where it develops will be key on impacts locally. If early enough, we could see a snow/sleet mix before going to rain as the sun gets higher in the sky. We will monitor this little guy carefully as the models still haven’t fully locked in on it, but getting closer.

I did remove the wave for Christmas Day from the board, but the “chance” is still in the forecast. It looks very weak if anything can form and likely in the form of raindrops.

Next week will feature whiplash as we warm to near record highs with gusty winds, heavy rain and even a severe t-storm risk. Very active toward Thursday/Friday.

After that, WAVE Country will find itself in the “battle zone” of winter weather and the fun and games begin.

Talk soon :)


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