Salvage equipment coming to help recover 3 barges still stuck in Ohio River dam

Barge salvage operations underway on Ohio River

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The U.S. Coast Guard is still working to recover three barges stuck in an Ohio River dam, with one of them in the gate.

It’s been one week since a ship towing the barges crashed into the Clark Memorial Bridge, setting 15 coal barges loose on the river.

Six of those barges sank, spilling coal into the river, while nine became trapped on the McAlpine dam. Of those, three are still in the dam.

One barge was also stuck in the gate of the dam, making it so water levels can’t be controlled. That could cause issues if the barge is not removed soon.

Tennessee Valley Towing, which owns the tow boat involved, has brought in two salvage teams to work with the Coast Guard.

The tow boat, the Debbie Graham, passed an inspection in August and was cleared for operations.

The Coast Guard told WAVE 3 News it may take longer than a week to set the heavy salvage equipment up safely to remove the barge stuck in the dam’s gate.

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