SnowTALK! Monday Edition

SnowTALK! Monday Edition

Windy and “warm” the next 24 hours before a cold blast moves in.

That cold blast will be an important factor for how this weekend plays out...

SnowTALK! Monday Edition


Friday-Sunday System to Watch

1/21 Potential rain to snow setup


While the attention is on the weekend potential, the weather will be quite dynamic the next 36-48 hours. A few periods of rain but nothing too heavy. The wind and temperatures will be the headlines with this setup. Warm today and part of Tuesday before we turn much colder Wednesday/Thursday. Wind gusts today and Tuesday could put WAVE Country into Alert Mode status and we continue to evaluate that. The cold blast moves in Tuesday evening through Thursday. We will have some sunshine so that may help “ease” the feel of the cold. It will be much more noticeable at night when a few locations could dive into the teens!

This cold air blast will be slowly lifting away this weekend as the storm track becomes active again.

The debate is a classic one, northern piece of energy and a southern piece.

- Do they phase together as one system? If so, how quickly?

- Do they remain separate in timing/space? If so, which one would impact us more?

- Could they both remain separate enough to miss us here in the middle? Yes.

Those are the main questions we are trying to answer on this Monday. There has certainly been increase in the data over the last 24 hours to phase these to together. I added above “if so, how quickly?" as a quick phasing could allow for a slower, deeper low pressure. This would allow for warmer air as well. That would mean snow to rain to snow. The more north you are the better the chance you can stay on the colder side.

If they can delay on phasing, there is a better chance to get some snowfall for many in WAVE Country but likely not as much moisture. A coastal low could develop and “steal" away our show on this locally as well with a split system idea.

Overall, the forecast is focused on the idea that rain or snow (likely snow) will be possible Friday night. The core of the system looks to be Saturday and that could be rain or snow at this point. Then by Saturday night/Sunday this system will either be over and done or still lingering with flurries.

I wish I could go into more detail than the above but that is all of the data I can discuss at this point. We only have to wait of could of days to get answers on this one so it won’t be long. Just don’t get too excited or disappointed...not yet. :)

The video covers this in more detail...


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