Kristy Love Foundation hoping to expand

Louisville foundation helping victims of human trafficking looks to expand

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The Kristy Love Foundation opens the door to a safe place for women who are survivors of sex trafficking or human trafficking.

“We believe once you touch a doorknob at the Kristy Love Foundation you are no longer a victim, you are a survivor,” Angela Renfro, the non-profit organization’s founder, said.

The foundation’s program helps women get back on their feet, helping them find jobs and permanent housing.

“We've got tons of computers for the girl [to] come here and get her high school diploma, GED and things like that,” Renfro said while giving a tour of the home.

The foundation currently has four homes serving survivors of sex trafficking and human trafficking, one of which is in southern Indiana. Now Renfro said she’s hoping to expand.

“We’re going to another era for the Kristy Love Foundation,” Renfro said.

There are three homes which house survivors along Date Street in Louisville right now. Renfro said there are conditional use permits in the works to allow her to use those homes as traditional housing to help women who have been a victim to prostitution or human trafficking.

Next to one of the homes is a vacant home owned by the city. Renfro said she’s talking with city officials to see if the foundation can get that land, demolish the vacant home and build three small homes in its place.

“They can hold like a mother and two children,” Renfro said. “Just so show her where she can start her fresh foundation, her first freedom from the trafficking."

Adding more homes to help victims of prostitution and human trafficking is something Metro Councilwoman Barbara Sexton Smith (D-District 4) said she will stand behind.

“I will partner with this foundation for more homes if they would like to do that,” Sexton Smith said.

In the last 12 months, the foundation has helped between 150 and 250 women in some way in Louisville.

“I don’t think a lot of people realize how many women are brought into that or born into this industry,” Sexton Smith said. “And we must all take some responsibility for it and work to stop it because human trafficking is not acceptable on any level, at any time, anywhere, by anyone."

Renfro said she’s hoping the city will give the foundation the land so they can start the clean up process in April.

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