Goshen neighbors want to stop subdivision

Goshen neighbors want to stop subdivision
The proposed development adds 80 homes. (Source: wave)

GOSHEN, KY (WAVE) - Neighbors on Goshen Lane, off U.S. 42 in Oldham County, are banding together to fight a national developer who wants to build an 80-home subdivision on their mostly narrow road.

But the developer’s attorney says the road will actually widen if plans are approved.

"Most of us didn’t even get a notice,” Taylor Creek Woods Homeowners President Herb Hurst said. "We just heard it.”

Just before Thanksgiving, 70 scattered neighbors who live on Goshen Lane started hearing about building plans for 80 new families to move in.

“It doubles the population of this immediate area and it also increases the population of Goshen alone, by 25 percent," neighbor and preservationist Lisa Cofer LaRocca said.

Neighbors calling their group, ‘Say No to 80’ claim it’s too many people and too many cars for Goshen Lane, a mostly rural stretch that sees plenty of bikers, walkers and wildlife in its path.

“It’s un-passable for two cars in many places,” Hurst said. "And even a car and heavy equipment like a school bus, something like that you just can’t get by.”

WAVE 3 News drove the area ourselves, finding it a much easier drive from U.S. 42 up to the planned subdivision entrance across from Taylor Creek Woods.

That’s where the Pulte Development Group has promised to widen the road.

Neighbors said plenty of people will go out the other way, toward the river. We drove that portion too, finding it tight, curvy, like a one-lane road and difficult to navigate.

Besides safety, neighbors worry about the adverse environmental effects of run-off into Little Huckleberry Creek.

Attorney John Talbott, who’s representing Pulte Development said the area is already zoned for residential, has the proper drainage basins, will have an open space design that leaves plenty of woods for wildlife as it’s only using 80 of 114 lots allowed. He said the subdivision is the only way neighbors will ever get a safer drive in, as Pulte has already agreed to widen the road.

Neighbors will meet Wednesday, January 16 at 6 p.m. at North Oldham Middle School to prepare for the Planning and Zoning meeting on January 22. Their group can be followed on Facebook and Instagram at Goshen Lane Preservation Group.

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