SnowTALK! Monday Edition

SnowTALK! Monday Edition

Winter pattern continues to build with an active storm track and cold, arctic air intrusions taking place...

SnowTALK! Monday Update


Thursday: Mostly rain, snow north

Saturday: Quick rain/thunder to ice then snow. Setup to watch.

1/25: Setup to watch

1/28: Setup to watch


The next seven days will feature (2) systems...

#1--- A cold front will drop in Wednesday and stall near KY while a low pressure to west moves in and connects to it....lifting back north. It will be that point of “connection” that we could see a bit of wintry weather. This looks especially true for those to the north. After that point, the rest of it looks to be rain as we warm into the 40s. Main challenge here is the placement of that front when the low arrives to determine if anything wintry lasts longer than expected. Or in the other case (where the front remains north), it would be juts rain.

#2--- WEEKEND: Very dynamic setup. Low pressure moves off the front range of the Rockies. As that takes place, a true arctic front will dive in from Canada. These two features alone would allow for a very dynamic setup, but when you add in the potential snow pack in the midwest, it could really enhance the thermal gradient near the Ohio River. This is going to lead to a very complex setup of warm air south with rain/thunderstorms, ice in the middle and very heavy snow (good setup for thundersnow in fact). The question that I am sure you all have....what will it do here? I can’t answer that yet but there is a risk to see another round of varying types over the weekend, some of which could be significant (including the heavy rain portion). Give us a few days to nail down details we need to have to start to narrow down the setup in terms of timing/locations/impacts. But at least you have a “heads-up" of what we are looking at with the data so far.

More fun and games after this weekend. But that is for another time :)


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