SnowTALK! Tuesday Edition

SnowTALk! Tuesday Edition

The weekend setup will be more about the cold plunge than the precipitation. But when the two mix together...issues are likely to develop.


Saturday/Sunday Rain to Ice to Snow, Windy

1/23 Mix to Rain to Snow

1/28 Rain to Snow


There are a couple of minor issues in the short-term.

Tomorrow morning--- as a cold front pushes in, areas of drizzle or even sleet could develop. For now, we don’t see much of a drop in temperatures overnight to get us to the freezing level in most locations to cause problems. Having said that, there are always those sheltered locations that could find themselves at that mark. Either way, this looks minor for now.

Thursday-- Quick-moving low pressure zip by. This still looks to warm us up enough for a cold rain but there is still a small risk that our northern-most counties could see some snow at times with this. This looks especially true early on. I don’t see much of a flip back to snow behind it as dry air moves in.

Friday looks to be the quiet day.

Saturday--- strong low pressure develops near AR and moves east/northeast. Warm flow with heavy rain and even thunderstorms by Saturday afternoon/early evening. The track of the low will determine how far north the warm air pushes and therefore how far south any wintry weather gets involved Saturday afternoon. At the moment, the wintry threat looks to be just to our north/west during the day.

Saturday night--- Cold air slams into WAVE Country. The concern here is the rapid temperature drop and risk for a flash freeze. This is where the moisture on the roads won’t have time to dry up and icy roads rapidly develop. This looks to be during the night but exact timing cannot be determined at this time. The rain looks to go to freezing rain then sleet then snow. This “change” looks to happy fairly quick based on the recent data. The snow part isn’t impressive right now but when you add that onto icy roads, travel will be a concern. These details are not locked in as the storm hasn’t even formed on the map and the energy that will lead to this is still split in the Pacific Ocean & Canada. So it will be very important to stay close to the WAVE 3 Weather App for the latest...

Sunday--- Blustery day with strong, cold winds and scattered snow showers. The wind will limit accumulations but the higher snow ratios could still allow for light amounts. We will watch this.

Arcitc cold locks in Sunday-Tuesday which will lead to questions about the next system that rolls in. I doubt it will start as rain.


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