Gov. Holcomb calls for Indiana hate crimes law

Holcomb highlights need for hate crime law, business boom in state of state address

INDIANAPOLIS (WAVE) - Governor Eric Holcomb issued a renewed call for an Indiana hate crimes law.

“Indiana is one of five states that does not yet have a bias crimes law,” Holcomb said. “It’s time for us to move off that list.”

The words came near the end of Holcomb’s 30 minute State of the State address Tuesday night, and received a standing ovation. In his address to the joint session of the Republican-dominated legislature, Holcomb defined the need for a hate crimes law as an issue of workforce development.

“I look forward to working with the General Assembly to achieve this goal so that our state law reflects what’s already in my administration’s employment policy,” Holcomb said. “Businesses interested in Indiana care about this issue, but it’s not just about business. At heart, this has to do with people’s dignity and how we treat one another.”

Holcomb praised the state’s pro-business climate, citing low taxes and less regulation. He also discussed plans to raise Indiana teachers' pay, which drew criticism from state Democrats.

"Holcomb took to the stage tonight and made the case to tread water,” John Zody, Indiana Democratic Party Chairman, said in a press release. “His budget doesn’t allocate one dime specifically to raise educators’ pay, nor does it mention preschool. Not once. If you’re unable or unwilling to take on our state’s biggest problems, what are you getting up to do every day?”

Watch his entire address in the video below:

FULL VIDEO: Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb delivers state of state address

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