SnowTALK! Thursday Edition

SnowTALK! Thursday Edition

The setup remains complex for the weekend but we continue to gain more and more data....

SnowTALK! Thursday Edition


This weekend Rain to mix to Snow

Next Wednesday Rain to Snow

After 1/26 Several light snow chances


The video is the best way to explain the setup this weekend.

Here is the overall theme....

Saturday Morning... Rain builds in from the west. The rain/freezing rain line may still end up in our northern counties so we need to watch that...

Saturday Afternoon.. Periods of rain/windy. Still need to monitor the rain/freezing rain line north. A “dry punch” for central KY later in the day.

Saturday Evening... Crashing temperatures...especially after 8 or 9pm. Period of freezing rain quickly goes to snow. A few inches certainly possible. Roads start to get slick west of I-65 first.

Saturday Overnight... Snow continues to push east. Temperatures continue to crash. Freezing up of the roads takes place area-wide. Very cold wind ramps up wind crashing wind chills.

Sunday Morning... Windy. Flurries. Temperatures in the teens and wind chills nearing 0 in spots.

Sunday Afternoon.. Winds relax. Remaining cold with little rise in our temperatures. Many will stay below 20°.

Monday... Bitterly cold early with single digits. If 1+" of snow on the ground, some may approach 0 or even lower.

A shift in the tracking/temperature profiles of just the slightest makes a BIG difference on how the above develops for any one location in WAVE Country. Southern Indiana will face the wintry issues first and longer. Southern Kentucky will be last.

Stay tuned!!


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