SnowTALK! Friday Edition

SnowTALK! Friday Edition

Our weather will change fast this weekend....hour-by-hour and from one location to the next. This should be fun...

SnowTALK! Friday Edition


Saturday night- Rain to brief mix then snow

Sunday- Off/on snow showers

Next Wednesday Rain to snow then perhaps a snow event to monitor

Next Thursday-Weekend Passing clippers with light snowfall


This forecast is going to be especially challenging for the weekend as we have 28 counties to monitor. There will be times Saturday/Saturday night one county may be facing heavy rain/strong wind with temperatures near 60° and another getting close to freezing rain at 33°. And a mix of in between for the rest. And each of our counties will be changing as each hour goes by. But as meteorologists, we are up for the challenge!! We do at least have enough data now to get the overall “theme” of what will take place across WAVE Country Saturday into Sunday. It will just be those one-off details that will indeed vary from county to county...that will get us.

So let’s dive in...

Saturday morning (likely before sunrise)... rain moves in from the west. Getting warmer across KY. Indiana counties a bit slower to warm but at this time...still look to be in the “rain zone”.

Saturday midday...rain fairly widespread. Heaviest over central/southern KY. Lighter rain into southern Indiana...and cold...yet still above freezing.

Saturday afternoon... This is where the temperature gradient will max out on the weather map. And it should be impressive. Temperatures at the freezing mark far north (roughly Bedford to North Vernon) and near 60 across southern and southeast sections. The radar is going to look funky. There should be a dry punch into central Kentucky. Rain mainly east, lighter rain or even a mix for Indiana and a mix to snow developing across western KY about to move into our western-most counties.

Saturday evening... This is when the fun beings. Temperatures start their drop and the wind starts to ramp up. When it comes to a “flash freezing” of the roads, it will be highly determined on that dry punch and wind. Do some of you gain a few hours of dry time to start to dry the roads out before the freeze? Will the wind ramp up in time to start drying them out? Both great questions. We just won’t know until Saturday. Just plan for a flash freeze event and stay close for updates.

Another lobe of moisture will move in from the west. This may start as freezing rain or sleet but most of this should be snow. There are signs of two bands that may form. One north across southern Indiana that will push east into far N KY and OH. But it is a secondary low near TN that may enhance a new band right over central KY and that pulls east. Either one can certainly put down accumulations over 2″...perhaps even doubling that. We just don’t have solid info yet on the exact placement of the first one and the second (southern) one is not even showing up on some of the data. This means some could get really lucky with a thumping or snow’ll be a bust. This is not a system that will make EVERY snow-lover happy. That is for sure.

Lows/deformations like the second one have been notorious for surprises my eyes are going to that as being on the table. The data over the next 12 hours should hopefully answer that question.

We aren’t look at a foot of snow type of system. Just a risk for either a very light coating...or for some, a decent “thumping” of snowfall. Stay tuned!

The wind will ramp up as well pushing wind chills near 0 by Sunday morning.

If you take snowfall off the table entirely, the freezing of the roads from daytime rain will be a concern Saturday night. Especially after 8pm. But if we add more precipitation (freezing rain/snow) into the mix, then we have a mess on our hands for the roads.

It will be very important to check the WAVE 3 Weather App for the latest reports on the roads if you must travel.

Sunday/Monday look just flat out cold.

There is another interesting system next week. The video will briefly cover that today as well.

Shew. My fingers hurt.


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