8-year-old boy helps Coast Guard neighbors impacted by shutdown

8-year-old Mount Washington boy helps Coast Guard neighbors affected by shutdown

MOUNT WASHINGTON, KY (WAVE) - Some federal employees are still working without pay as the government shutdown continues.

When a young boy in Mount Washington got word of that this week, he decided to do something about it.

John Barsamian is used to helping out.

At just 8-years-old, he’s earned the nickname ‘Farmer John’.

While he can’t sell produce to support service projects like he’s used to, in the winter he’s developed a reputation for giving all year round.

“The news isn’t all negative,” Tanya Barsamian, John’s mother, said. “There are certainly individuals, including young children, who have ability who genuinely have good hearts and want to help out.”

John started selling fruits and vegetables from his family garden at the end of his driveway when he was five.

That has turned into a delivery operation--with half of the proceeds funding service projects in nearby communities.

His hometown of Mount Washington even proclaimed an official day in honor of him earlier this month.

“I was kind of nervous, but I was just like I have a chance to show people what they should do, and to just go do it,” John said.

A simple philosophy that was put into action this week when John found out a neighbor down the street, who is in the Coast Guard, wasn’t getting paid because of the government shutdown.

“I don’t think its fair that somebody should go to work and dedicate all their time when they’re not getting paid,” John said. “They should get a paycheck so they can afford to pay for their home, bills they have to pay and groceries.”

So, he and his family rounded up what they could from their pantry to help a neighbor in need.

“Just give a little time, give a little bit and make the world around you a better place,” Tanya said, sharing why she’s proud of her son.

‘Farmer John’ is also very close with his brother who recently started basic training in the Army.

The family said giving back to those in the military is something they value highly.

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