Jackson County issues emergency travel declaration

Jackson County issues emergency travel declaration
A winter storm caused plenty of headaches for drivers in southern Indiana on Saturday.

JACKSON COUNTY, IN (WAVE) - Jackson County declared a local disaster emergency on Saturday and issued a travel warning, the Jackson County Board of Commissioners announced Saturday night.

On Sunday, that warning was lifted and changed to a “watch” after it was deemed conditions had improved.

During a travel warning, the public is asked to refrain from all travel, which is restricted to emergency personnel only.

The travel warning also asks people to comply with necessary emergency measures, to cooperate with public officials and disaster services which may be executing emergency operations plans and to obey and comply with the directions of properly identified officers. Public officers and employees of Jackson County are directed to travel only when it is essential to public safety and essential service duties.

The declaration does not prohibit people who work in jobs necessary to maintain a safe rail system, restore public utilities or provide any other emergency public service from traveling within the county during the local disaster emergency.

It also activates the response and recovery of county disaster emergency plans and authorizes aid and assistance under said plans.

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