SnowTALK! Monday Edition

SnowTALK! Monday Edition

Coldest morning in Louisville since January 17, 2018 when we dipped to 8°. As of last check, Louisville dipped to 11°. Some of you reached and dropped BELOW zero this morning!


SnowTALK! Monday Edition


Wednesday afternoon Risk for a quick burst of snow at the end of the rain. Something to watch.

Thursday/Friday Snow Shower Chances

Saturday Risk for clipper snow

Next Tuesday/Wednesday Setup to watch


We are about to flip our atmosphere around once again.

And this is mostly about temperatures...

1ST Swing: We drop slightly this evening....then rise overnight/toward sunset into the upper 20s/lower 30s.

2ND Swing (more of a push) Strong winds force temperatures to rise late Tuesday night through mid-morning Wednesday

3RD Swing Temperatures drop steadily Wednesday midday/afternoon to push us back below freezing by evening

With these swings, wind is going to be an issue. It appears the greatest risk would be with the “push” of south wind in the pre-dawn hours of Wednesday. With gusts over 40 mph, another wind advisory may get issued.

As far as the cold blast Wednesday, there is a risk for the cold to catch the rain for a thumping of snow. The data is still varying a bit on how much of a “catch” there will be. Some data says very little snow, some has us at advisory level for a few inches. Regardless of the snow part, icy roads look to be on the table again for Wednesday evening/overnight. We will watch that.

Looking ahead...we enter a very cold period with several chances for snow..mostly light. We should be able to gain snow cover from these as they pass through.

A larger system is showing up next week but it is just too far out to go into detail.

I fully expect many changes to the mid/long range portion of the forecast as modeling never does well with “Arctic Plunge".

More tomorrow...


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