SnowTALK! Tuesday Edition

SnowTALK! Tuesday Edition

Temperature changes are more of the headline than least for now.


Wednesday Evening Brief mix/snow- minor

Thursday night Very light mix or snow showers

Friday night/Saturday Risk for a clipper snow

Next Monday-Tuesday Arctic front snow risk


As you can see above, the pattern looks busy. The Arctic has good 2 attacks coming our way. The risk with such air masses is that they hold little moisture. The benefit is that what moisture you do obtain, you can get your money’s worth.

Let’s break each of these down...

Wednesday PM- Cold air will lack behind the moisture just enough to limit how much can changeover to anything frozen. And it may not just be snow as freezing drizzle is possible as well. Low pressure that develop near ATL along the front will be key on how quickly the moisture can exit the region. As of now, amounts look like with more of “thumping” the more east you travel (1″+). We will once again run the risk for ice on the roads as we drop into the 20s tomorrow night/early Thursday.

Thursday PM- An arctic front moves in that evening. Moisture will be very limited but I do see enough that some very light mix or snow could develop across KY and TN. While amounts look light, a dusting could certainly lead to slick roads so that will need to be monitored into early Friday.

Friday Night/Saturday- We are deep into arctic air. The concern here is a clipper that will dive in. Just how much of a dive is the question here. This is a classic fast-moving blob of snow. Amounts look light once again but higher ratios could trigger to advisory level if you are in the path.

Early next week- Strong arctic front dives in. Just how much of a dig this trough has will determine if we end up with a more organized storm system... or just an arctic front/wave. Support for both is on the table with the “wave” idea leading the game for now. Either way, this has the ‘best’ option at gathering moisture than the others so it will be fun to track. The cold behind it looks to feature the coldest of the season. Well, so far anyway.

More on the longer term soon.


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