Non-profit releases report on vacant, abandoned homes across Louisville

Report: Thousands of vacant properties across Louisville present problems

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - There are about 5,000 vacant and abandoned homes across Metro Louisville in dozens of neighborhoods, from Old Louisville to Oakdale/Wyandotte.

Louisville Metro Government owns about 10 percent of the vacant homes in the city, according to Kitty McKune with the New Directions Housing Corporation.

New Directions released a report Tuesday focusing on 29 vacant homes throughout the city.

The report details the delinquent property taxes for 23 of them, totaling $174,153, and 180 open code violations on 23 properties.

“This is not simple. It doesn't have one, you know, a silver bullet for a cure,” McKune said. “But we want to get as many views as possible so we can begin to come up with a comprehensive and coordinated plan to help combat this issue in our city.”

New Directions said they want to use 2019 to solely look at the issue of vacant and abandoned properties.

“New Directions hopes to facilitate active discussion from neighbors, organizations, government, philanthropy and business to develop a comprehensive plan to address the issue,” the group said in a news release.

“This is about what affects all of us -- because if you have that much of a financial drain on your community it’s going to be hard to move ahead,” McKune said.

McKune said the issue is much more complicated than asking the city to foreclose a property. She said they often run into issues with complicated titles and third party landlords.

“If you can’t get a home repair loan, it’s really hard to fix up your property," McKune said. “If it’s hard to fix up your property, it’s going to be hard to sell it. If you get a chance to sell it, someone has to get a home loan for it. That’s not possible in these neighborhoods.”

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