Double the fun: Cincinnati star Fiona celebrates 2nd birthday

Fiona turns 2

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A lot has happened over the past 365 days in the land of everyone’s favorite hippo Fiona.

The Cincinnati Zoo’s no-longer-so-little darling, diva turned two Thursday -- can you believe it?

Happy Birthday 2 you Fiona! We’re celebrating behind the scenes with Fiona and her care team! #fblive #teamfiona

Posted by Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden on Thursday, January 24, 2019

The four-legged phenom was once a six-week premature baby hippo but she’s now blossomed into a larger than life star.

Our large and in charge happy hippo recently celebrated a ‘huge’ milestone: Fiona broke the 1,000 pound mark. That’s quite a long way from her 29-pound birth weight.

We know, it’s normally not nice to discuss a lady’s weight but when you think about all that Fiona has overcome to make it to the big 1,000, we can’t help to boast about her accomplishment.

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The Queen of the Queen City had a whirlwind first year of life: she starred in her own show, “The Fiona Show,” was the subject of two books, “Fiona’s Feelings” and “Hip, Hippo, Hooray for Fiona!,” had her adorable mug on shirts and playing cards, and she even got her own “Team Fiona" beer and “Chunky Chunky Hippo” ice cream.

Fiona the Cincinnati Zoo hippo turns one

She overcame all odds and became a "miracle" hippo. Thank you, Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden & Fiona, for the entertainment, joy and a LOADS of cuteness over the past year. ❤ #teamfiona

Posted by FOX19 on Wednesday, January 24, 2018

If you think her first year of life sounded like a blast, her second was no different.

In addition to packing on those much appreciated pounds, the happy hippo continued to take Cincinnati by storm.

Fiona made her stage debut in the Music Hall production of “The Nutcracker” in November.

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Don’t panic animal lovers, Fiona didn’t actually make a grand escape from the zoo on two legs to throw on a tutu and pirouette across the stage.

This Fiona was more than six-feet-tall with a pink tutu that measured 60 inches around the waist.

The First Lady of the Cincinnati Zoo also met a former First Daughter during her second year of life.

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The Tri-State’s inspiring icon inspired Chelsea Clinton during a stop in town for a book signing.

Fiona also experienced her first feelings of puppy love -- or should we say, hippo-love -- thanks to an admiring mammal down south.

Though she is far too young to date in our opinion -- we aren’t sure the correlation between hippo years and human years -- Fiona feigned affection from Timothy, Texas’s hippo.

The San Antonio Zoo’s Timothy ‘wrote’ Fiona love letters in March admitting to checking Fiona out on social media. He called her ‘the most beautiful hippopotamus he’s ever seen,’ -- get it girl!

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Flattery will get you everywhere, Timothy. Alas, as it goes with young love, the flirtation fizzled out.

Fiona also starred in her third book.

Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden Director Thane Maynard told the true story of the little hippo who could.

Maynard wrote “Saving Fiona” as a way to share the story about how the team of scientists and caregivers nursed the premature hippo to good health after her early, underweight birth.

Fiona made her grand entrance into the world weighing only 29 pounds. That’s the lowest recorded birth weight for her species -- our girl is a fighter.

Fans of Fiona also got to watch her frolic in the snow earlier in January.

Our favorite full-bodied hippo might not be able to come out and swim when it’s cold but she certainly enjoys giving Frosty a big, wet kiss.

The zoo celebrated Fiona’s second birthday Thursday with a gorgeous, fruit-filled birthday cake complete with all her favorite goodies.

Happy Birthday 2 Fiona!!

Posted by Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden on Thursday, January 24, 2019

We know the only thing ‘terrible’ about Fiona’s ‘twos’ is that they are sure to be terribly terrific.

From all of us here at FOX19 NOW, and those across Cincinnati, the Tri-State, and the U.S. wearing their best Fiona garb, eating a spoon-full of ‘Chunky Chunk Hippo' and washing it down with a cold can of Team Fiona, happy birthday Fiona!

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