Five Questions on the Love Lab

Five Questions on the Love Lab

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - For some people, the thought of Valentine’s Day can lead to feelings of dread.

Kristie Crenshaw (left) and Roxanne Dunaway (right) want to help women achieve their goals in life and love.
Kristie Crenshaw (left) and Roxanne Dunaway (right) want to help women achieve their goals in life and love. (Source: Provided photos)

Two Louisville women want to change that by helping women take daily steps toward becoming the woman of their dreams by taking ownership of their life and love.

They say it starts with identifying their ideal life.

Style Coach Roxanne Dunaway, owner of Stilettos with Soul, and Kristie Crenshaw, of Creative Life Curator, are teaming up for an afternoon event on Feb. 17.

The event will be held at MADS Gallery (1608 Bardstown Rd.) from 1 to 4:30 p.m. Tickets are $79 dollars and it includes two hours of coaching, a swag bag and a signature cocktail toast.

They are calling it the Love Lab.

Here are my five questions with Roxanne and Kristie on the Love Lab.

1.) How did you come up with the idea of the Love Lab?

Kristie reached out to Roxanne because she recognized our complimentary coaching styles and a shared excitement for helping women create the lives of their dreams! After a two hour lunch, we realized that Louisville women NEED something like this. We both know too many women (that we think are fabulous) who aren’t in relationships (and they want to be) and who may not be living authentically or fully as a result. We joined forces to help women curate amazing lives for themselves with the love they so desire.

2.) What do you feel are some of the biggest things holding women back?

Women are often held back by their own limiting beliefs; how they think they are “supposed” to show up in the world, professionally and personally. Women get caught in the trap of operating from only one role in their lives... “I can be a mother or a wife. I can be smart or sexy. I can climb the corporate ladder or be free and fun loving.” We’re here to show women that these things are not mutually exclusive and that there is no statute of limitations on reinventing yourself!

3.) What did you do personally in your own life to change things for you?

Kristie - I found my husband when I started “dating” myself; taking myself anywhere I wanted to go, buying myself fresh flowers, speaking loving words to myself, and doing things I really enjoyed because I enjoyed them (not because I thought I might meet someone there). That process created a much happier woman all the way around. Happiness is an attractive quality in ANY person.

Roxanne - I realized that the life of my dreams does not start when I find the relationship of my dreams. I learned to cultivate a life I love while I’m actively dating. Whether it’s flying solo to a gala, hitting a gallery with my gal pals, or treating myself to a night of R&R, I find joy in being me and doing things that make me feel good. And being in that energy allows us to attract a healthy, whole and vibrant relationship.

4.) How will the day work?

We can’t give away all of our secrets! But we can tell you that the day will include some visualization, utilize all five senses, AND give them a set of tools to further define the woman they want to become AND the love they want to have. They’ll experience three hours of life and love coaching (valued at $250+), leave with a swag bag (valued at $50+) AND have the chance to win an Oxygen Facial from SKYN Lounge ($145) OR a POWER HOUR Strategy Session with Kristie & Roxanne ($250+).

5.) What’s one thing you think a woman can do to fall in love with themselves first?

STOP BEING SO CRITICAL! We are SO hard on ourselves (and sometimes each other). When you start looking for things you like and appreciate about yourself, you begin to recognize even more to be grateful for. It changes your energy and the way you show up in the world. And THAT is super attractive AND a lot more FUN!

To sign up for the Love Lab, click or tap here.

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