Charlestown teen splits time between home, Hollywood to act on TV show

Dallas Edwards says he won’t leave home just yet

High school freshman schooled in Indiana, 'Schooled' in Hollywood

CHARLESTOWN, IN (WAVE) – A Charlestown High School student has a different job now that he’s landed some roles in movies and TV shows.

Fifteen-year-old Dallas Edwards is a freshman at Charlestown High, and despite some serious Hollywood success, he has no immediate plans to leave Indiana anytime soon.

Inside his high school, Edwards is just a normal teenager. Weeks earlier, he had traded his school here for one on television, playing the character Aaron in a new show called “Schooled.”

“He’s just a pop culture nerd and just a nerd in general,” Edwards said of his character. “I don’t want to spoil anything, but he really likes his pop culture.”

But this isn’t his first time on the big screen. Edwards has acted alongside well-known names like Jon Voight in “Orphan Horse” and Owen Wilson in “Masterminds.” It’s something he’s loved since his first acting camp with Clarksville’s Derby Dinner Playhouse.

“I started there at a camp, and I came home one day and I said this is what I want to do; I want to be an actor,” Edwards said.

“And in the car, I said, ‘Hey, how did you like it? Did you have fun?’” Dallas' mother, Tammy Edwards recalled the conversation. “(He said), ‘It was so fun, mom, I’m going to be an actor.’ I said, ‘How come?’ (He said), ‘Mom, you get to be somebody different every day. And they clap for you.’”

Tapped to be a part of Derby Dinner Playhouse’s performance of the “Wizard of Oz” as part of the lollipop guild, Edwards' mother said she began to take this dream seriously when other actors would come up to tell her just how good her son was.

“So we just kind of decided, let’s see how it goes,” she said. “And then, it kept snowballing and he kept getting roles.”

Picked up for seven episodes on “Schooled,” this is Edwards' biggest role yet.

“I felt very ecstatic that it was going to be on mainstream television like ABC,” he said. “I really thought that this was my big break. I started thinking that probably when I started doing ‘Schooled.’ Because I would constantly have people come up and tell me, ‘That was a great scene, that was a great take, you’re hilarious.’ And that just made me believe more and more that I might be good at this and this could become a career.”

The teachers at Charlestown High School have made long-distance schooling work for Edwards, even when he has to miss big chunks of class while he’s acting. That’s something he’s grateful for because with his friends and family here, the high school freshman plans to stay here as long as he can.

“As much as I really want to be an actor, I’m never going to forget home and I’m not going to leave it just yet,” Edwards said. After he graduates in a few years, he said then, he wants to see where acting can take him.

“I’m just his mom, but he’s really good at this,” Tammy said.

Edwards will be acting around WAVE Country in the next few months. He’ll be in his school play, “Little Shop of Horrors,” and in Derby Dinner’s performance of the “Emperor’s New Clothes.”

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