How to pick the best bed sheets

How to pick the best bed sheets
This is the last week of what's commonly referred to as the "January White Sales" where bargains can be found on the fabric that most of us spend the most time using - bed sheets. (Source: Pixabay)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - As January comes to an end, so do the January white sales, where bargains can be found on blankets, comforters and bed sheets.

And some people can be obsessive about their sheets, demanding a high thread count or certain name brand. But new research from Consumer Reports suggest that a higher thread count may not necessarily give you a better night’s sleep. Consumer Reports researcher Haniya Rae says, “We had really great sheets in our rating that have 300 thread counts and we had really poor sheets in our ratings that had 1,000 thread counts. Some of the cheapest sheets might be lower to the bottom of our rating but there are also some that are several hundred dollars toward the bottom of our rating.”

Consumer Reports tested bamboo viscose sheets and found that they may not be the best buy. Researchers found that they shrink up to 15% in the tests, whereas cotton sheets shrink up to 6%.

Other studies say sheets made of 100% Egyptian or Pima cotton, are the ones most likely to provide the most comfortable night of sleep.

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