Dozens of WAVE Country schools closed due to frigid temperatures

The 911 calls students made from the bus were released Monday.
The 911 calls students made from the bus were released Monday.(WAVE 3 News)
Updated: Jan. 29, 2019 at 6:41 PM EST
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ELIZABETHTOWN, KY (WAVE) - Closing or delaying school due to weather conditions is not something school systems take lightly.

With the frigid forecast in place for WAVE Country, dozens have schools have canceled class on Wednesday.

When it comes to making a decision about the brutal cold, like what’s coming our way Wednesday and Thursday, Hardin County Schools has a procedure in place.

“Our kinda rule of thumb is if there’s a wind chill warning, that’s when we’re probably going to decide to close school,” John Wright, spokesman for Hardin County Schools, said.

A Wind Chill Warning is when wind chills of 25 below zero or lower are expected.

The wind chill is how cold it feels to the body when outside in the wind. As the wind increases, heat is carried away from the body at a faster rate. This lowers the skin temperature and eventually the internal body temperature, which can lead to frostbite or hypothermia.

But Wright said they also consider other factors when calling off school due to the cold.

“Students are our main priority, but we also have to look at will our buses start,” Wright said. “We also have to look at -- do we have any pipes busted across the district in any of our facilities."

For those heading outside in these temperatures, here are a few tips on how to dress:

  • Wear several layers of loose-fitting and lightweight clothing
  • Don’t forget a hat, mittens and even a scarf
  • Cover your mouth to protect your lungs from the extreme cold

According to Wright, Hardin County Schools are closed Wednesday due to the extreme cold.

Also remember to check on outdoor animals or bring them inside during this weather.

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