Federal employees back to work still haven’t been paid

After the shutdown, federal workers have backlog of work

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The longest government shutdown in U.S. history has come to an end -- for now. The government is funded through Feb. 15.

But everything isn’t back to normal just yet.

A systems specialist for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), who lives in Kentucky, said the agency was told employees would receive 60 percent of what they are owed by Friday. The rest will be paid out by the middle of February.

"Morale has really picked up because everybody is back working, and we are trying to get caught up and back up to speed," Chuck Morrison said.

A full team and the promise of a paycheck makes all the difference, he said.

"All the safety inspectors that oversee all the airlines that everybody flies every day, a great majority of them were off the job," Morrison said.

Morrison said he believes the threat to public safety and ripple effects persuaded lawmakers to temporarily end the shutdown.

“It's a shame it got to this point,” Jessica Harris said.

Harris lives at the Family Scholar House.

The shutdown put her final semester of nursing school at Indiana University Southeast in jeopardy.

“People don’t pay attention to what is going on until it directly affects them,” Harris said.

Furloughed IRS workers couldn’t get the single mother the documents she needed to register for spring classes.

“I was definitely blessed to have the backing of the Scholar House," Harris said.

Harris was able to get into classes, but she still hasn’t received the paperwork from the IRS. If the backup is anything like that described at the FAA, it might be a while.

"It is going to take weeks if not months to catch up work, from what we weren't able to do during the shutdown," Morrison said.

The Family Scholar House is continuing to help government employees waiting for pay checks. The organization has opened their pantries for government employees. If you need help, call 502-813-3086.

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