SnowTALK! Tuesday Edition

SnowTALK! Tuesday Edition

Lots of cold and lots of ...well, more cold.

SnowTALK! Tuesday Edition


Tonight: Period of light snow

Thursday Evening: Snow showers or flurries

Friday Morning: Risk for brief wet snow/freezing rain, quickly going to rain

2/7/19 Rain or Snow Potential


The cold blast remains the headline.

Factors involving tonight... front moves in just before midnight. Period of snow showers with this arrival. Most of it will blow around but the ground is cold so there risk for light accumulations will be there. The bitter cold kicks in and actually maximizes just after sunrise. The wind speeds will determine the wind chill factor with values of -10° to -20° still showing up. Some areas north even colder than that. If skies clear behind the snow showers/flurries in time, the clearing sky and max point of the cold could line up to push Louisville down to perhaps 0 to 3° above. If clouds can hold, closer to 4 to 8° above would take place. I know, what’s the difference really?!?? Just stating for specifics :)

Wednesday is going to be a pretty day. Through the window. It will be bitterly cold despite the blue skies with wind chills BELOW zero ALL DAY long. Keep this in mind.

Thursday AM temperatures will depend on a wave of clouds rolling in and if we still have some light snow cover on the ground or not. With more of a SW wind direction, data continues to point to actual numbers to be a tad higher over Wednesday AM. Either way, still very cold.

Thursday Night/Friday AM: (2) pieces of energy will work together to provide for a stripe of snow diving from IL into KY. A warm front will be approaching from the SW at the same time to “scoot” this feature to the east. The two could overlap enough to lead to a burst of snow Friday AM for parts of the area. Perhaps even in Louisville. The good news is the warm flow will win out and anything frozen will change to rain. This piece of the forecast is strictly about timing as snow or ice near the rush hour is never good. Stay tuned!

The video covers the above PLUS some new February data rolling in...

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