‘This is deeper than words on a wall:’ OCHS parent wants racism issue addressed

Racist graffiti on Oldham County High School has parent calling for action

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - After finding racist, sexual graffiti covering the Oldham County High School building over the weekend, one parent is working to combat what she says is a long-standing issue in the district.

Shavonda Williams was taking her daughter Bryyann to cheer practice Saturday when they came across the racist messages on the back of the high school building.

“When we pull up it was just like, ‘Oh okay, well this is unfortunate,’” Williams said.

The graffiti targets two school assistant principals, one is African American.

“If it’s not directed at you then of course you can be in a mindset of ‘forget it,’ but, no we come from a history where those things are hateful and they’re hurtful,” Williams said. “Our kids here in 2019 should not be dealing with these same issues that our grandparents were dealing with in the 60s.”

Williams said whether or not it was a prank doesn’t matter, and the district agrees.

A spokesperson for Oldham County Schools said they are working with police and if the perpetrators are found to be students, they will be disciplined to the full extent of board policy.

“This is deeper than words on a wall,” Williams said.

Williams has two other kids who also go to Oldham County Schools and she wants the racism to stop now. She’s meeting with the high school principal this week to see how she can help.

“We just want them to be able to live their lives and feel okay in the environment that they’re in,” Williams said. “So it’s a mindset that needs to be developed in a way that is more proactive and they need to have more respect for one another.”

The district isn’t releasing security footage of the crime, but they said it happened somewhere between 1:40 and 2:30 a.m. Saturday and the vandals were wearing dark hoodies, backpacks, and carrying baseball bats.

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