Woman wins $300K in south Louisville charity raffle

Woman wins $300K in south Louisville charity raffle
The jackpot grew to $773,800 before anyone found the Queen of Hearts. (Source: WAVE 3 News)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A raffle to benefit a cancer charity ran 10 months before a winner found the Queen of Hearts.

The game being played at Khalil’s Restaurant in Valley Station started back in April 2018. It was a fundraiser for the Louisville nonprofit Shirley’s Way, known for its Cancer Sucks campaign.

As the jackpot grew, so did the crowd.

Players bought $2 raffle tickets, and each Monday one ticket was drawn. The owner of that ticket got to guess where the Queen of Hearts was on a board of 54 cards. That board stayed the same from week to week, so each time someone guessed, the chances of winning improved.


If no one won, the money rolled over to the next week -- eventually growing to $773,800.

When Leslie Duncan found the Queen of Hearts on Monday, she took home $309,520.

Shirley’s Way will get the rest.

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