Burdette required yearly medical certification to drive commercial vehicle

MSD driver crashed into LMPD detective, killed her in December

MSD driver who killed LMPD detective required yearly medical certification

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Roger Burdette, the man accused of crashing into an LMPD detective and killing her, had been medically cleared to drive a commercial vehicle, WAVE 3 News Troubleshooters have learned.

According to state records, Burdette’s medical certification status was active and was not set to expire until March 29.

He is charged with murder and DUI.

Burdette told police he was on prescription medication the day he crashed into Diedre Mengedoht’s vehicle on Christmas Eve. Mengedoht was killed instantly.

During a hearing, police said Burdette told investigators he was on an antibiotic and Zoloft, an antidepressant.

State records showed Burdette required annual medical certifications renewals dating back to at least 2016. In some other caess, the Division of Motor Vehicles allows two-year renewal intervals.

It’s unknown what condition(s) for which Burdette was required to get the certification. Some typical conditions requiring a one-year certification include a history of high blood pressure, a sleeping disorder or certain types of diabetes.

WAVE 3 News Troubleshooters found state records that indicated Burdette’s medical certification expired on March 24, 2018. But, employment records obtained by WAVE 3 News show Burdette was on medical leave for those days until March 29.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet did not indicate it had received the renewed certification until April 12, 2018.

His time sheet records also indicate Burdette had taken personal days off three days before the deadly crash. Burdette had taken two personal days and a vacation day beginning on Dec. 18, 2018. He returned to work Dec. 21, three days before the crash. Records showed he was working overtime shifts on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, the day of the crash.

MSD kept pictures of Burdette’s medical certification in the files of other crashes he was involved in.

None of those six incidents, dating back to 2009, was serious. They included trash thrown from the highway which struck his MSD truck, and a vehicle that backed into him. The records said two incidents were his fault, when he backed into a bollard in 2014 and when he hit a raised curb at an Arby’s in 2010.

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