SnowTALK! Wednesday Edition

SnowTALK! Wednesday Edition

The pattern will likely continue with a warm/humid flow aiming into the southeast corner of the country with modest cold attacks taking place at times. This means rain will rule most of these events but this remains a setup that can feature a decent wet snow. It just will be highly doubtful the models will sniff that out days in advance.

SnowTALK! Wednesday Edition


Friday AM Brief rain/snow mix ending. Very minor if anything.

Sunday AM Brief mix/snow changing to rain.

Tuesday Rain may end as brief snow.

Next Thursday Rain or snow.


Today’s post/video will be briefer than normal due to the active weather currently taking place.

There are only very minor snow chances showing up over the next 7 days as of now.

Backlash rain to flakes late tomorrow night/early Friday. This is looking less and less likely, however.

The cold air that arrives Friday may hold on just long enough Sunday for a mix or brief snow to start the next system. It will be a warming system so anything frozen does indeed look brief.

Next week does feature of couple of low pressures the models have yet to fully resolve. The first one rolls out near Monday night/Tuesday and the other one closer to Valentines’s Day. The timing of these will important when it comes to overall impacts. If they run close together, the one near the 14th may have a better potential to take advantage of the cold high pressure near IL to allow for a more wintry system. If there is a larger gap, money would be bet on rain. You will see the models flip several times on this as just slight timing differences keep changing the outcome. We will be watching it.

The latest long term setup looks to feature more of the same for the rest of February with warm air south battle the cold attacks. Winter is not done but it will become harder and harder to sniff out events with this type of battle. This pattern screams potential big wet snow events that only stick around for a day or two. I am sure we will have many more fun/games ahead of us. Just stay close to the updates!!


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