Suspect wounded in officer-involved shooting in Shively

Shively police investigation underway at the scene of an officer-involved shooting on Feb. 7,...
Shively police investigation underway at the scene of an officer-involved shooting on Feb. 7, 2019 at Kendell Lane and Heaton Road.
Published: Feb. 8, 2019 at 3:33 PM EST
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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – An officer-involved shooting in Shively sent both the officer and the suspect to area hospitals.

Shively Chief Kevin Higdon said officers were dispatched to the area of Kendall Lane near Heaton Road after residents called about a man roaming around the backyards of homes in the neighborhood.

When the officer arrived, the man ran and a foot chase began. Higdon said the chase reached the intersection of San Jose Ave. and Grandview Dr. when the man showed a gun and the officer fired.

“Everybody wants to know what's going on. especially when you hear gunshots going on this morning,” Rob Combs said.

Combs lives on Grandview Drive. Around 10 a.m., his dog began barking, indicating that something outside was unusual.

Combs saw a man limping down the street with one shoe on.

“It looked like he was out of it and cutting through yards,” Combs said.

Another resident was notified of unusual activity by their home surveillance camera.

Shively Police were called to the area because of the suspicious man. When an officer arrived, the man ran away.

The suspect threatened the officer with a gun, according to Chief Kevin Higdon.

“No agency ever wants any of their officers to be put in a position where they have to fire their weapon and then strike an individual,” Chief Higdon said.

Chief Higdon said the officer was not shot. Police took the suspect’s gun from the scene and said the suspect was shot several times.

“That’s a traumatic event for that officer, and he just want to come in and do his job and go home,” Higdon said.

Higdon said the officer has 13 years with the Shively PD and that the department has seen the suspect before.

Combs said he heard six gunshots Thursday morning. The open fire in his neighborhood is upsetting to Combs, but he said he respects the officer’s work.

“My dog could have been in the backyard playing, or anybody’s kids,” Combs said. “You never know what this guy’s intentions are or why he was even out here in the first place.”

The wounded man was taken to University of Louisville Hospital for treatment.

On Thursday afternoon, the Shively Police Department said the man had undergone surgery and was in stable condition.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Shively Police at (502) 930-2SPD (2773.)

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