Police: Ohio abduction victim shot by suspect, who was wearing bulletproof vest

Trooper who shot, killed suspect identified as 5-year veteran Joey Brown

KSP trooper who shot, killed suspect in Oldham County identified, more details released

OLDHAM COUNTY, KY (WAVE) - New details were released Wednesday in the deadly shooting of a suspect and the victim of an abduction in Ohio that ended in Oldham County.

Kentucky State Police said at a press conference that Skylar Williams, 20, died after being shot by the suspect, Ty’rell Pounds, 24. Both of the deceased were from Mansfield, Ohio, about an hour north of Columbus. Pounds and Williams had a young son together.


+ 2 dead in Oldham County following chase, officer-involved shooting

Police said Williams was abducted from the Ohio State University’s branch campus in Mansfield on Monday.

Later that afternoon, the first call came into KSP Post 5, reporting a woman in distress at the Valero gas station in Gallatin County, Kentucky, about an hour northeast of Louisville. The Dodge Caravan, driven by Pounds, then sped off toward I-71 South.

Troopers were dispatched to the area in an attempt to locate and stop the vehicle. The vehicle failed to yield on I-71 in Henry County, leading police to follow it into Oldham County. Police used stop sticks to stop the vehicle, according to KSP, but were unsuccessful.

This is the gas station where witnesses saw Skylar Williams ask for help.
This is the gas station where witnesses saw Skylar Williams ask for help. (Source: WAVE 3 News)

Police said Pounds then took Exit 14, which leads to Pewee Valley and Crestwood, and attempted to re-enter the interstate. Trooper Joey Brown, a five-year veteran of the agency, performed a legal intervention called a “pit maneuver” in order to prevent Pounds from going further. This is when officers “pit” the vehicle in order to cause a spin-out. Brown conducted the maneuver, causing the van driven by Pounds to spin 180 degrees.

The van then went into reverse, hitting Brown’s car and peeling back his door, temporarily trapping him inside, KSP said Wednesday.

Once Brown was able to get out of his vehicle, he rushed to the car to try to apprehend Pounds. Upon noticing Pounds’ gun, Brown then fired several rounds, resulting in Pounds’ death at the scene, KSP said. Pounds was wearing a Kevlar bulletproof vest, so some of the shots didn’t penetrate. Some struck him above or on the side of the vest, KSP said.

Trooper Brown has been with KSP for five years with no disciplinary incidents on record. (Source: KSP)
Trooper Brown has been with KSP for five years with no disciplinary incidents on record. (Source: KSP)

Brown then tended to Williams, who had suffered a single gunshot wound to the chest. Police said Wednesday that the shot was fired from Pounds’ weapon, not from Brown’s gun.

“She had been shot through the left arm, exited the underarm, then penetrated the left side of her chest,” KSP Commissioner Rick Sanders said. “That bullet was located in an autopsy the next morning in the right side of her torso.”

Brown tried to stop the bleeding with a tourniquet, but was unable to save Williams’ life.

“What really surprises me is he had the wherewithal to try and save this lady’s life. He pulls a tourniquet, as this trooper describes, and they attempted to save her life after being in a significant shooting,” Sanders said.

She was later pronounced dead at University of Louisville Hospital.

“We’re all saddened that she’s no longer with us, but these troopers did everything in their power to save her life,” Sanders said.

Trooper Brown was described by Sanders as an “exemplary officer,” who serves as a model for other law enforcement personnel. Brown has no disciplinary action in his file and was assigned to Post 5 Campbellsburg in 2015.

He’s been placed on administrative leave while the investigation is conducted.

KSP update on deadly officer-involved shooting

“We wanted to find out as quickly as we could whether his weapon or the suspect’s weapon shot Ms. Williams because we wanted him to have some peace knowing he did not fire that round,” Sanders said.

Sanders said KSP troopers knew nothing about the abduction in Ohio when the pursuit was occurring. Before the incident, Pounds posted a note on Facebook alluding to the potential deaths of himself and Williams. KSP officers were not aware of this post prior to the shooting, Sanders said.

“They responded in the way in which they’re trained and I’m proud of the way they handled themselves,” Sanders said.

KSP said Pounds’ mother responded to the news of the shooting by apologizing to officers and telling them her son wanted to become an Ohio State Trooper. Pounds, who had graduated from the Mansfield Police Academy, also asked his son to become a state trooper in his Facebook post. He also apologized to his family, telling them there was nothing they could have done to stop him.

On Wednesday, investigators went through Pounds’ apartment, Columbus NBC affiliate WCMH reported.

WCHM reported a police report states Pounds went back to his apartment Monday after abducting Williams. His roommate was there as he tried to barge into the bathroom. Pounds’ roommate told police he knew something was wrong because Pounds had a gun in his hand and was being loud and agitated. Pounds demanded his keys and cell phone.

Investigators search home of man who kidnapped woman, killed her before officer-involved shooting

His roommate didn’t see any signs of Pounds acting strange prior to Monday, but he was aware Pounds and Williams were dealing with custody issues.

Ohio State Highway Patrol confirmed Pounds and Williams had a prior relationship and a child together. The child was found safe and is staying with family.

A motive for the incident has not been released.

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