SnowTALK! Friday Edition

SnowTALK! Friday Edition

Still tracking the snowfall for tonight that will impact some of you, but not all.

SnowTALK! Friday Edition


Tonight Period of wet snow/sleet/some freezing rain. Most of it south.

Sunday AM Brief AM mix. Looking minor if anything.

Wednesday AM Another brief mix risk northern counties.


Small, yet potent, low pressure will zip by tonight. It will have dry air on its northern side that is going to bust some snow forecasts. On the flip side, there will be some pockets of moderate/heavy snow that can “overachieve” but those locations look too isolated to pinpoint. Best chance for that to happen looks to be near or south of the Parkways. This will be mostly a mid-late evening event with the radar lighting up soon, but most of this first round will struggle to reach the ground. Your reports will help us out tonight in a big way! This will be a narrow swath of snow so we will have to take it hour by hour and appreciate your patience! I think wet or slush roads will be the rule for treated roads with snow-covered roads more across central/southern KY. The video discusses this all in more detail.

Saturday looks dry.

Toward Sunday sunrise, brief window for freezing drizzle but it will be just that, brief.

We get another break in the radar Monday.

Next system involves a snow system north and a very heavy rain system south. If we can squeeze in between the two, we will have minor impacts locally. But the concern remains that the southern piece will trend north and that would not be good for our rivers.

The pattern still looks very active down the road into early March with more rounds of rain/thunderstorms. Colder air still looks to lurk close-by so we cannot take wintry weather off the table. So no, winter is not over yet. So far not a snow-lovers winter but maybe a snow-lovers spring? Again?


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