Fischer campaigns publicly for support of tax increase

Fischer meets with community on proposed tax increase

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer met with citizens Monday to drum up support for a big tax increase on insurance.

Speaking to residents at Berrytown Park and Recreation Center, Fischer called attention to the human consequences of cuts to services and programs if his proposal for tripling city insurance taxes is not approved.

Fischer told residents a tripling of the city tax on insurance from five percent to 15 percent by 2023 is necessary to offset a $65 million gap in the state pension system.

Fischer used the location to make a point about the impact of potential cuts.

“When you go and give and name and a face and put specific cuts on it, people are like, we can’t have these cuts,” Fischer said. "We rely on these services. This is a big part of quality of life of what we want in our city. So when you personalize these issues, people really understand them more.”

Some homeowners were skeptical.

“I'm already paying high enough taxes and insurance as far as I'm concerned,” Berrytown resident Cecil Turner said.

Mayor Fischer and Metro Council President David James both said the final solution to the pension problem could end up being a combination of higher taxes and spending cuts.

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